G Suite from Google

We deliver most of our services to micro business' using the newest flagship product from Google, G Suite.

What is it?

G Suite is a package of internet services that can provide your business with new ways of operating online.

You probably know of some, such as Gmail and Google Calendar. Others, you may not have heard of, such as Google Sites and Hangouts.

There are more than 30 services available in G Suite, for one small charge – watch the videos below to learn about the most popular ones.

Why do we use it?

Traditionally, these services have been provided by different suppliers, at significant individual prices, making them disjointed and expensive.

With G Suite, these services are available as a seamless package, for a single low price – less than £5/month – giving micro-business' the opportunity to build world class websites within their modest budgets.

Simply open your Google account and use the services that you need...

If you have a question, please get in touch ...